And so I /we’ve been away. Did you think I was quiet! Just a hop and a skip away to Anglesey. In a hideaway with view of Red Wharf Bay, but not far from Beaumaris, Menai Bridge (with Waitrose store we found 2 years ago), and only short distance from the garage we had to visit ( reason/excuse for this trip in the first place). Phew that was a long sentence!

For some reason we decided to try as many pubs/ Italian/fish & chip shops/ Tapas bars during the stay. What fun. Not like us at all. Lunch time trips. Sunday roast at the Bull     (see above).  Where I am stood beneath the strange coat rack with a sheep’s head!. Obviously couldn’t find one of a bull.

So many great views, either looking towards Snowdonia, across Menai Straights, or out to sea.

The sea view from our cottage was spectacular, and I didn’t even have to set foot outside to take the photos. Which was handy as the weather wasn’t always tropical. IMG_2628

Koy or is it Coy carp in a pool that required feeding each day. Shame they were hidden under a net, but I suppose at least not been snatched by local heron.

Never saw any herons, but we did see a red squirrel; and from the conservatory window! haven’t seen one of those for years! So lovely to see, much smaller than the grey variety and a beautiful rusty red. I snatched my phone trying to photograph but all I manged to snatch was its tail. IMG_2570 (Edited)

Can you spot the back legs and his tail as  he moves at great speed behind the window! Ha ha.


We enjoyed our first meal in a Tapas bar ‘the Midland’. The waitress helped us work out what to order- a few dishes to share ( if the were GF). We enjoyed it so much went back a few days later for Julian’s birthday. I think we over ordered that day-  great to try so many dishes. The ‘Fries & Paprika Eggs’ were a favourite with Julian and as they weren’t GF- the chef gave me ‘twice cooked new potatoes, alioli sauce with a paprika egg on top’- yum yum ( as my waist expands!).

And one day Julian had his hand at a bit of sea fishing. A nice dry sunny day, but did I mention the windy. Freshening! see fleece, winter hat, scarf & smile!

we/ he didn’t catch anything. But was great fun. And other fisherman are so friendly- we thought they were locals, knowing about high tides etc, but they were from Bury or Bolton somewhere up North. The views were spectacular. It was a struggle getting me to the spot but with lots of rests we made it.

And the fish and chips in Moelfre were out standing. My GF Hake fantastic ( another expanding waistline)! I never have mushy peas – they are one of those things I can’t stand (hidden behind J’s cuppa)!

Wonderful Italian one lunch time – real treat to have gluten free pasta out in a restaurant.

img_2540.jpgIf Josh had been with us – those yucca plants would have to be moved! He has an aversion to spikey plants. Both Julian & I commented on where would we have hidden them as there was about 4 big plants around the house! It is strange that even if our autistic children aren’t with us physically- they never leave our sides.

I hope the house I’ve booked for next summer is yucca free.


So all in all it was a restful trip. The MOT went successfully, Julian had a good birthday  (apart from me falling out of bed at 5 am- I’d got up to go to the loo, but obviously was half asleep- promptly fell into the bedroom cabinet & in a crumpled heap on the floor). Poor Julian came to retrieve me & mummered something quietly about being a great start to his birthday. Whoops. Nothing broken ( even the bedside light) and I’ve just collected a new place for arm (& can I say the word tit!).

And so we bade farewell to Anglesey & all our lovely meals. Deciding on the way home to stop at Bodnant Gardens as it was such a fine September day. Julian is photographing Water gardens with Lilies. We knew it was quite a hike once inside the gardens & knowing my recent energy levels, and mobility issues were lower than normal, he talked me into borrowing a walker that you can lean on, as well as sit down for rests – probably has a real name! ( free of charge from the entrance) or could have borrowed wheelchair.

This was good idea, but meant we had to keep to paths/ ramps, rather than taking short cuts down steps. ( therefore more walking for aching legs). So he could carry the walker down the steps & I held onto his other arm so no more bruises! Having a map to aim towards the lily ponds it was a quite a quick visit- but what a glorious time. The garden looked marvellous, the shop was full of great plants & accessories. Julian took hundreds of photos. I got to sit on the walker & soak up the sun. But felt my age- noting the other disabled fellows with their aids. But at least I was there- so put those thoughts into a box & back in the cupboard.


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