Poor Josh tripped the other day- left with a bruised hand amongst other things. Broken IMG_2528 (2)watch- so as we were visiting the next day managed to get the same one from Argos- delivered for us to pick up at Sainsburys. That worked well. He was to sore to walk around the shops & I wasn’t up to doing much anyway so we spent most of the time chatting in the car, having a McDonalds, driving around.

Once he was back at his bungalow,  we left him relaxing,  & went home only to be rung as soon as we walked through the door, with news he was in in A & E with a rubber type headphone piece stuck inside his ear.

I thought maybe they’d have a glance at his hand to check that over, but although I am not quite sure of the details- the member of staff that took Josh was told it was a 6 hour wait and to come back on Monday. Josh couldn’t last till Monday with that stuck in his ear! The carer said ‘we aren’t going home, we’ll wait’, & so Josh waited patiently for 2 hours on a busy Saturday early evening  in A & E. Thank goodness the ear piece was removed & Josh got back for his tea at 6pm. He had been very anxious as usually has tea at 5pm, and Saturdays are’ takeaway nights’!

I have ordered 2 new pairs of headphones those that go over ears and hard pair that he can use with ipod ( but don’t go in eardrum). Apparently his hand getting better every day, thank goodness.

IMG_2535Above one of his paintings from college. I love it and have it stuck above my computer. Funnily enough his art tutor sent me a text and mentioned the bowl of fruit, but it was hidden in his wardrobe at Alwen- so now I know what she was referring to.

I love things with colour reminds me of some of my pieces from art college 35 years ago and counting!

anyway I will leave it there and catch up another day 🙂


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