Worse news…….

Today I heard the worse news – Josh has Covid. Not surprisingly as the whole house riddled with it. 10 days isolation. Let’s hope that’s the last of it!! At least he feels okay. On the better side of things, Harvey, the son who went to Australia 3 years ago. Well now he has promotion … More Worse news…….


I’ve been in hospital again. 5 days. Which seemed a life time. With confrontation of so many unusual patients, suffering with their own dilemma’s.  One lady next door who reminded me of my mum’s sister, auntie Phyllis. She turned out to be so nervous. No family, no friends .(heart breaking). She constantly mumbled all the … More Hospital

Well here another fine ‘holiday’ you gotten us into! Josh is

And it certainly was. From arriving at ‘Moorcroft’, Treaddur Bay in Anglesey it was a peaceful break. A place I could move through the house with my zimmer, but it took Josh and Julian to help me get inside, up the 3 steps. So afterwards we went in and out through the back door, up … More Well here another fine ‘holiday’ you gotten us into! Josh is

Just a few photos- nice colours, freezing cold. Josh home for one day. Getting ready to go away. Let’s hope it warms up. All I can say, is getting slowly better. This broken hip is cold to get going, and it’s not even frosty weather. Been for a drive to ‘ North Wales Densitometry Unit’ … More


In the end -after four attempts. Two different district nurses at home. Wearing my mask. She says after the third try’ calling me a pin cushion’. That’s two arms, one hand. She wants to give in. I say please try once my. I will ,will my blood down this modern type syringe. Shutting my eyes … More 🩸

New blog

mini eggs- brought in little bags as soon as there in the shop by Julian!! And not much to say this blog, so using points. Spoken with Harvey in Melbourne-whose still courting Ellen.since Nov ( as much as he told me- so could be months extra!) Anyway photo he sent me worth sharing. So Harv … More New blog

Pips delivery

What a few days( I apologise to those birthdays I’ve been late for). Pips is all collated, photo copied, and in the envelope. What an achievement. With a broken hip, lot of good will from husband & those at CAB.

Life just goes on

Sorry nothing much to say- I’ve done nothing! Just slept- gone to the loo, ( which is an event in itself).using my Zimmer frames. Every movement is bloody painful. I sleep with a rolled up towel in between my legs( anything to stop them crossing), Getting my left leg over the top takes practice!never mind … More Life just goes on

What a saga

I’ve been in hospital for over a week. On the 10th January feel. Whoosh, in the kitchen lying on the cold floor. Waiting for the ambulance ( thinking- ‘glad Julian gave it a brush the other day’. Ambulance men arrived two hours later. Bye bye Julian- off to mend my leg. He had been rushing … More What a saga