Never any time-but today I AM SORTING STUFF



Clearing out the drawers.

I periodically come across artwork stored away in the living room and then I put it away again.

These are pieces that I completed before I retired and have just sat there, year after year. So its about time I tried to clear some space.

But perhaps I will see if anyone ones to buy a few things? Just an idea.


For instance this screenprints are left over from the article Julian & I did for Homes & Gardens.

8 1/2  x 10 inches approx

‘Anemones’ and ‘Fruits’.

If anyone wants a copy -contact me- £20 each plus postage. Not sure how this will work- but worth a try. Postage depends where you live. It is tiring me out just talking these photos and thinking sizes etc. Pathetic- time to put the kettle on.

Then another few things I have found in a mountain of tissue paper are these early forays I made into machine & hand stitched embroidery…………


Approx 13 x 11 inches

Some close up details below

£ 45

Another version below is 14 x 7 inches £ 45


Here are a few close ups




I will have another look what’s in the drawers another day! Time to put my feet up 🙂



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