A bit more about me-I live near Ruthin in #NorthWales. I’m a  child of the sixties- which gives you the general idea of my age. I grew up on a farm in Cheshire, the youngest child with three brothers. Trained as a fine artist, my ambition in life was always art-related. After a spell in teaching, circumstances changed this plan. With a young family now on the scene and the diagnosis of a serious illness, it meant an early stop to this career path. But it did give me the opportunity to type away on my lap top in spare moments, telling my story over twelve years.
An ‘A’ in English O’ level was the only previous recognition I’d received for  any written work. Now, all these years later, I do feel a sense of achievement with the publication of my first book.’Laugh or You’ll Cry’. Will it be my last- I suppose the story of having #autism & MS in the family does go on…..& on.



Screenprinting- seems a lifetime away now


Josh with clown -he used to love clowns. Mum & I in the sixties, and last year at her 70th Wedding anniversary.