"Laugh or You'll Cry"

my life as a mum with MS and a son with autism




Welcome to my blog, a brand new experience for me- so to begin with things may appear topsy turvy. Please bear with me while I learn!

My name is Sue Askins, I decided to start writing this blog as I’ve an interest in so many things. Some to do with my family life  #autism, #multiple sclerosis, & others things I  just enjoy like #art, photos of quirky things I see around me,  food, good TV etc etc. I think I have a good sense of humour, so a lot of the time I feel my glass is half full rather than half empty, but other times it may well fall off the edge of the table & smash splattering red wine on the carpet.

I list MS & autism as ‘ interests’- simply because I have MS  & my eldest son has #ASD. I don’t claim to be qualified in these subjects, but have always written things merely from my experiences.

For further detailed information on MS go toMS Society 

And information on Autism go to National Autistic Society National Autistic Society


Laugh or you’ll Cry – my book go to Amazon