I’ve been side tracked……

It’s been busy. What with hubby’s birthday & the following day my parents 71st wedding anniversary, so going out for a family meal & eating far much. Two Creme Brulee’s are ridiculous choice for anyone who is aiming to lose some weight.Why do I order them? I only spend the rest of the day feeling guilty. Any how the days have slipped by with seeing family chatting, & feeling #fatigued. That over whelming dizzy feeling I get when over tired, one of the #MS symptoms classed as fatigue.

Feeling fatiqued now really, which is pathetic seeing I got up late- really late but then had a shower & washed my hair. I use a lovely perching stool in the shower, but it is the washing, drying hair- everything just wipes me out & here comes the dizzy fatigue feeling.

But I can sit at my computer for 5 mins to speak to my blog.

Back tomorrow when bit more alert.


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