What a revelation

Was listening to #Radio2 on the was back from hospital appointment & heard a lady who is on the way to making a million ( well a good living) from her blog. Now that was something I didn’t know anyone could do.

So more motivation to tidy my new blog & keep writing

Not sure who wants to know about me, #autism, or #MultipleSclerosis but will persevere.

Plus not sure if I am using hashtags correctly.

On the way home called in Ruthin Craft Centre today & got some great cards. What is the likely hood of buying 30th, 40th,  50th 60th  Wedding Anniversary cards all for this next 2 weeks. Plus a 71st but mum & dad will have to have one with flowers. Was hard enough to find a 70th Platinum card last year.

below random photos I like- some views nearby & one of skirt pattern!!

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