Blows the cobwebs away

Refreshing drive into the hills to look at the views  & enjoy last of the summer sunshine. May be #Halloween but doesn’t feel like it. So here are a few snaps taken ……………..( one with hubby’s ear in shoot as I was resting on his shoulder whoops!)

#Ladybird invasion

They are everywhere. He hung out some washing & when hubby came back inside had to knock 5 of his back. They are crawling over brickwork, along plants- just everywhere. First spotted then from inside along the window panes- but now a handful crawling inside. So if I don’t blog in the next week you … More #Ladybird invasion

No time to blog

Its been a buy few days, with my ASD son staying with us. Josh loves certain dates in the year- he seems to move from one celebration to the next. Like most autistic lads he finds the dates on a calendar so important and this current focus happens to be Halloween. We have had Christmas, … More No time to blog

Homage to Hilda

Hilda has left us- aged 90- a fantastic charterer played by Jean Alexander. I see her everyday as she’s depicted on my apron hung up in the kitchen. Her scowling face- no doubt thinking up something scornful to shout at Stan. I’ve watched Coronation Street since the word dot it often mentions places where I … More Homage to Hilda

Mondays lunch

Today I had  a lovely meal with a friend ( I was temped to call an old friend- but didn’t want to insinuate she’s ‘old’) but we’ve know each other since kids- so perhaps best friend is lovely way to phrase it. Anyway she came over in her jolly car ( a fair few miles)& … More Mondays lunch