and breathe……..

Just back from a week hols.

The weather was slightly chilly- but not too cold to stop Josh going in the hot tub daily. We had booked it a year ago. A house rather than a bungalow- but I stayed downstairs. No problems.

Previous 3 weeks have been slightly chaotic ; Julians mum having to go by ambulance twice within 4 wks- followed by lengthy stays in hospital. It seems quite usual to be ringing 999, sitting with first responders, ambulance staff or waiting in A & E. Luckily a relative could visit to make our trip more relaxing.

Arriving at the holiday house, the first thing that needs sorting is camouflaging the pot plant. Either this or repacking our bags- as Josh has phobia of such plants. Julian did great job without actually killing the plant. involving large chairs and a bin liner.

It may look pretty lame having seen it again in this photo. But I think we were all pretty knackered by the time we sorted the plant! Julian having chest infection on top of dealing with an autistic son & wife with MS/stroke.

time for the wine me thinks.

Above a few snaps- note Josh staring over a wall intently- well he was looking at the dogs in the sea. Phobia of plants, small children & dogs. #autistic

So we didn’t go down to the beach. Probably just as well as rather rocky and I’d probably have fallen! An hour early we had settled ourselves in a café for lunch. Just ready to order when a dog enters the café- well that was it. Josh very stressed- and so we ate sandwiches at home I seem to recall.

We travelled around the island a bit- but no large walks or anything that exhalating. Unfortunately we just manage what we can manage. But still have treats along the way- like my gluten free fish and chips one day.

My photograph is getting no better I fear- see below!

Trip to South Stack lighthouse. It was blowing a real cool breeze- verging on gusts of artic wind.

sorry wrong photo above- let me locate the right picture……….

and one of the men folk

Being in our holiday bubble- Julian was given his fathers dad gift and card a week early, so this year celebrated 2 fathers days!

Saw this strangely named shop ( apparently sells sweets) as we drove around Holyhead. Julian after his one and only dip in the hot tub requiring headwear to keep him warm straight after- as it was pretty chilly.

And on our return we linked up with Sara & Elias- pleased to see Grandma Shirley out of hospital.

Sorry this catch up blog is so long- I fear I haven’t been writing much these days. But will try harder.

( as usual- please excuse all mistakes whether with spelling, typing or grammar. Plus if you visit the house excuse the dust! Not got round to sorting that yet- still washing holiday stuff…….

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