Two or Three years?

I should know?

I knew the date – today. But a couple of weeks back I thought is it 2 or 3 years since dad died?

It seems so long since I’ve seen him really- coud be 3 years.

And in a different way – seems like only yesterday when we visited him in hospital and he told us about his dream he’d just had – driving a sports car down the lanes with mum. Could have been lass than two years ago today.

Yes- Definitely Two years .

I mentioned to Harvey, in Australia in a text about our busy week we’d had , more hospital appointments , MRI’s etc, Then said, it was two years since grandpa passed away today 😦 .

He replied, ‘He was in my dream last night- Strange’

I said ‘ Hopefully it was a nice dream- that’s lovely’

He said ‘ We shook hands, then went for a walk around the farm’, ‘Obviously the hand shake was a scratchy one’ ‘ with the finger’.

I said ‘ That’s the best dream’ ‘ You made me smile’ – but actually made me shed a tear!

How special the dreams have continued, Dad with his sports car and seeing a swallow .

look closely to find the bird ( sorry not a swallow)

And today Harvey with his dream of Grandpa at the farm. That’s how I remember him too.

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