what on earth have I been doing?

1)Well the simple answer is getting over Xmas.

……………..takes a while for me to recharge my batteries.

Cutting tags from my fav xmas cards- sorting the mass of socks from the airing cupboard

 2) Planning /booking a summer holiday ……..That has taken weeks. It is not as though Julian, & I are going somewhere exotic with Josh. But he loved that hot tub last year in Anglesey,  I’ve been trying to find somewhere similar. A self catering cottage, not too far away, preferably near the sea: near civilization so we don’t have to do all the cooking from scratch ( we’re on holiday after all) don’t mind the odd the takeaway to make like easier ; Josh doesn’t like eating out much (as troubled by noise if toddlers come in a cafe etc); so  fairly close to a town, but not too near neighbours, in case dogs might be barking! that would be another issue for Josh!; a house that has s BBQ (as Julian enjoys taking charge of cooking like most men- if it is in the open air & on a BBQ- sounds a great idea to me): somewhere different ( Josh not too keen on going to same house twice really- he likes an adventure  (don’t we all).

Have I missed anything- obviously want to get all this on a good budget. So spent countless hours on the computer searching for a perfect cottage for this years trip. Decided June was a good month, as the schools haven’t broken up. so its quieter and obviously not so expensive. Wanted to make sure Josh wasn’t going to miss any productions with his Hijinx drama group,  like the wonderful ‘Boho’ play he was in  last year at Theatre Clwyd.WP_20170624_001 Also wait until the end of his art class had broken up. All these things are important features in Josh’s life, so didn’t want to break up any routine and let him miss anything.

Eventually after all these issues taken into account, with the right number of bedrooms, privacy, some where perhaps Julian can try a spot of sea fishing, maybe an area he could take some photographs for future paintings- Where did I end up booking….Great Malvern, Worcestershire!  Anyway that is where we are going. it’s got a great hot tub in the garden, a BBQ, big house to explore, near a town we’ve never been to before, No where near the sea- but then that is a change- so what the hell. I’ve made the decision & can’t wait to show Josh the photos on the internet next week. he will be so excited. Me to (or is it too, no- its to).

3)’Drink 1 & 1/2  pints of water one hour prior to kidney & bladder ultrasound appointment- attending with a full bladder’. Unbelievably I managed to get precisely right. Arriving at hospital ( although Julian did drive me- so I didn’t have to drive around the car park for an hour trying to find somewhere to park!). In fact we drove straight in a free space. Bloody typical if’d I’d gone on my own that never would have happened& I would have probably wet myself in the car! ( no but you know what I mean!!!!)

Anyway I digress.  I arrived precisely with my bladder full, but not eye watering fit to burst. We sat in a little waiting area, & the only reason I’m telling you about this outing, was sat opposite to us was a mum, with a couple of children. The little boy, about 4 or 5 smartly dressed in a red school uniform was pleading to his mum that he needed ‘to go wee wee‘. This went on & on. The poor mum, I felt so sorry for her, but not as sorry as I felt for the little lad. He was desperate. He wanted to go to the loo now. he was near tears. We smiled sympathetically to her & said how much has he had to drink. Half a cup she replied, but I suppose in relation he must only have a tiny bladder. Anyway it was amazing, and tiring, to watch this poor harassed mum trying to entertain him, to take his mind of the waiting. But she did very well, bless her,  blowing raspberries on his tummy, singing little ditties, rhymes with the other child- anything to keep him occupied. Thankfully the nurse called his name next, so he could have the scan & then rush into the loo. Relief.

My scan went well-  I think she said… good kidneys,  nice bladder, & hardly any retention after the scan of full & empty bladder. That was great to hear. Worse thing about it was the cold gel on my tummy!

Julian’s bonus for lift to the hospital was a curry on the way home.

4)And so to the last thing that has been taking up my time since I blogged on 2nd Jan is  Learning to live with the notion my younger son is moving to the other side of the world for three years!

Very proud he is doing so well & been offered a job. Pleased for him.  Excited for him. Thrilled he’s traveling. All these things and more.

Oh, this is so much to take in. I have spoken to lots of friends, relatives, & they’ve experienced similar circumstances, and although it is hard not seeing our children, they’re many ways to keep in touch. I’m getting a new ( second hand) iphone, so I can learn how to do facetime or what ever it’s called. Thank goodness he can help set it up before he leaves- as he’s our IT expert. So I may not be physically organizing the move, but having to process the idea…………. it will be fine.



2 thoughts on “what on earth have I been doing?

  1. Oh Sue I do so feel for you with Harvey moving to Australia. Been there and got the t-shirt but FaceTime is fantastic, the hardest thing is remembering the time difference, although I suspect Harvey will be up later than Ralph or Liam and Ethan! Glad your kidney and bladder went well. You just need to avoid the horrible fluent cold and chesty cough that’s attacking everyone. Xx


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