Birthday break

Quick karokee before we set off for a week in Worcester. Take a peep out of the window 1st morning at our cottage at dawn & see duck with 5 ducklings crossing the lawn. By the time I find my phone to snap the procession- they’ve waddled away into the pond! so just snap the … More Birthday break

negative thinking

I’m not a negative person- but completing the Employment & Support Allowance form is ‘DEMORALISING’, REALLY, DEMORALAZISING !!! why has my spell check stopped working? I need that to check my spelling. Maybe it only checks lower case not capitals. Anyhow this form ‘the Capability for Work Questionnaire‘ is dire. How many negative things can … More negative thinking


Poor Josh tripped the other day- left with a bruised hand amongst other things. Broken watch- so as we were visiting the next day managed to get the same one from Argos- delivered for us to pick up at Sainsburys. That worked well. He was to sore to walk around the shops & I wasn’t … More Trip

I’m on a role now- more clearing out cupboards. That’s what Sunday afternoons are for! ( saddo)

  Josh’s cupboard today. He has a cupboard reaching from one wall to another. Four massive double doors- with shelves stacked full of things that have been there for 20 years+. One part or this cupboard I attempted to clear the other day was the files put there after he finished a part of his … More I’m on a role now- more clearing out cupboards. That’s what Sunday afternoons are for! ( saddo)

‘Getting into Bed’……………………

Firstly – My Oven, remember it was being cleaned- well it is like a new oven. Definitely worth while having the oven professionally cleaned & although my Miele washing machine guy sweated blood and tears – he couldn’t get the conditioner section to empty. Unless I paid near enough £200 ( can’t remember- that’s only … More ‘Getting into Bed’……………………