Proud mum

I’m in the process of trying to cook- something that has been put on the back burner( ho ho ) this past week with dad’s funeral to jointly organise( I ‘m taking a very small part in the event, but still feels busy.) I can understand why people sometimes say they don’t have time to grieve until after the event.

However the chicken meal will have to wait- I wanted to place this super photo of Josh on this site. I know I have mentioned it before but what a fantastic promotional photo



Two weeks today (23rd June) we will go & see Boho at Theatr Clwyd. Josh’s part as Bob Shoemaker is on the screen- he will be sat with us in the audience & I can’t think of anything more exciting. But isn’t the poster super- makes me so proud. Thank you Hijinx & Theatr Clwyd.

Next Friday it’s a very special date- Eric Warburton /dad’s funeral. So I am trying to get things sorted in advance- don’t want to feel more poorly on t/his special day. Luckily my brothers are wonderful organisers, but I love to try & help. Rostherne St Mary’s church in Cheshire.

This time next week it will be all over- how do you cope at a funeral. Lets hope I manage, but for Josh I have made alternative arrangements- so he can retire with super carer..

I think the chicken is ready…………………..

Thank you for all my lovely cards, thank you I found our who sent the mystery rose bush- a wonderful thought- thank you Judith for going with me to see mum the other day- fantastic support.


2 thoughts on “Proud mum

  1. You’re very welcome Sue, I’ll come with you any time to see Mum.
    I don’t want to take the credit for the Rose bush thou, it may have sounded as if I’d bought it.


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