Good news

Josh has learnt how to Facetime. So we has a few minutes together- but more importantly the test results for the bungalow came back clear!! after one female carer caught the virus. In fact by the time if took for Josh and the other 3 lads, who live in the house test result to appear- … More Good news

For Tom

Reading from my 1984 diary. It’s May 7th, and I spend the weekend at Dairy House for the first time since Maria & Jeff have had little Tom- No 4. As soon as I’m up- go to the cottage. – and see Tom Warburton. He’s a funny little baby- not like any of the others … More For Tom

testing times

I look at these jugs each day- and they may have the odd chip or broken handle but they give me such pleasure- how sad is that! T & this drawing from Josh. I sent him a Happy Easter card ( well it was scrawled on the back of a picture of Laurel & Hardy) … More testing times

A shame

What a shame. Hijinx are now closed, along with Kit out Kids, and Josh’s place at college. All things josh really enjoyed. I haven’t any photos of his time at college- but he loved it. As he was telling me the other day. He won’t miss his money he earns from K O K. Its … More A shame