I’ve been in hospital again. 5 days. Which seemed a life time. With confrontation of so many unusual patients, suffering with their own dilemma’s. 
One lady next door who reminded me of my mum’s sister, auntie Phyllis. She turned out to be so nervous. No family, no friends .(heart breaking). She constantly mumbled all the time. For instance when put in bed. Worried and lonely. I went to sleep one night and she was moved. I did miss her, hope she makes correct decisions for herself in the future.
Then another unusual patient was Peggy, who was supposed not to eat normal meals, & thickened drinks. This message hardly was passed back to the busy nurses. So she spent her time regurgitating food in front of me, not just regurgitating it but pulling strands of food into strange shapes. Enough to put anyone of their food. She also was quite strong on her legs , trying to make her way over to my bed. Eventually lying back on my legs, with her bony back. That was quite an ordeal. 
Then the next day she was back at her home and replaced by a ‘ visually appealing patient ‘- a reprieve. But I was unaware of the chaos to follow. 
She started seeing 🐈‍⬛ coming through the blinds! This was followed by saying she was at home, which we all disagreed with. For some reason she took against the two others in our ward of four ( she said I was ‘ok ‘).
Then blocking food coming in our room , telling everyone it was her home.At each juncture things seem to develop into a worsening story, she would get the police 👮🏻‍♂️, who turned out to be hospital security. 
At this time our food was brought into us. She was given a strong tablet and put to bed. Enough to knock her out for hours, enough for my get away . 
You certainly see a selection of people when in hospital. I was so glad to return home- in the quiet. How refreshing. 

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