Well here another fine ‘holiday’ you gotten us into! Josh is

And it certainly was.

From arriving at ‘Moorcroft’, Treaddur Bay in Anglesey it was a peaceful break. A place I could move through the house with my zimmer, but it took Josh and Julian to help me get inside, up the 3 steps. So afterwards we went in and out through the back door, up two steps.

The first few days great weather- and a visit too ‘South Stack’.

  1. And then the following day the fog arrived- never really disappears. However we weren’t going on the 🏖 beach, so nothing was lost.
  2. There was room inside the house for us to chill. All josh wanted was room to play his PlayStation, and dvds on his new 📺 tv. Listen along to his ‘new’ nano iPod ( many thanks to Graham Sadler).
  3. Time for few more photos And a few more photos
  4. Another holiday over………..

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