Been a strange year 🎪🎤🧩

Not seen Josh since he went back at Xmas. That’s my fault 🤦‍♀️ with breaking my hip. Anyway it’s been just over 11 weeks 🥊.

It’s taken a great deal of television, books, chatting, sleeping to get here; both for josh & myself.

No complaints, just a comment- so this Sunday is Easter 🐣 Sunday, and so we have decided josh can come for his Easter egg hunt, then karaoke 🎤 as long as he likes( probably 4 song’s).

If he can’t stay the night, then come for the day. It will be ok, next time I’ll be away from the zimmer. I can feel things moving forward.

wishing it won’t be long until he can come to stay- just a few more weeks!

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