New blog

  • mini eggs- brought in little bags as soon as there in the shop by Julian!!

    And not much to say this blog, so using points.
  • Spoken with Harvey in Melbourne-whose still courting Ellen.since Nov ( as much as he told me- so could be months extra!) Anyway photo he sent me worth sharing.
    • So Harv and Ellen 👌
      I have tried to keep in touch with Josh-
      he hates talking by phone. At least someone explained the situation with my broken hip -.
      It will take 12 weeks for him to see us .
      Luckily he’s having a good time.
      So I’m doing my exercises.
      No more falling over!!
      Steadily getting better but so so hard.
      ( got to appreciate I was starting off with ms to begin with)
      Nothing else to say- hoping for injection soon!

    Byee 😍

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