Life just goes on

Sorry nothing much to say- I’ve done nothing!

Just slept- gone to the loo, ( which is an event in itself).using my Zimmer frames.

Every movement is bloody painful.

I sleep with a rolled up towel in between my legs( anything to stop them crossing),

Getting my left leg over the top takes practice!never mind swinging it on the bed,

Once up, breakfast, then getting dressed, a All at a super slow speed. Sitting on sofa( cushion between legs to aid no crossing).

To confident one day this week- fell on right hand side. Landed head on Heath.

Bloody hurt- leg did cross . Ohhhh. So I’ve realised it’s not so easy, moving very very slowly now.Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

It’s been Judith’s birthday this week – so happy birthday πŸŽ‚ 😘 xxxxxx

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