What a saga

I’ve been in hospital for over a week. On the 10th January feel. Whoosh, in the kitchen lying on the cold floor. Waiting for the ambulance ( thinking- ‘glad Julian gave it a brush the other day’.

Ambulance men arrived two hours later. Bye bye Julian- off to mend my leg. He had been rushing around packing- what a trooper.

In Glan Clwyd after 2 days in A&E, whisked to have operation in wonderful theatre. Probably because I’d not been in many before, & gone for a procedure which was blocking the nerves- keeping me awake. This was fine. They must have given me little injection of something, as time passed quickly.😷

Then followed a week recovering. The room was made up 4 beds with a toilet in the corner. Lots of similar rooms plus some single rooms made up ward7.

Time drags. It was undignified at times. Difficult coping with life in public view.

Anyway I am my way home now 😀. Waiting for COVID swab to be tested. Sat in departure lounge. (Not as wonderful as it sounds- more like a prison cell).

Obviously no outside contact during week. No visitors allowed. I’ve not seen or heard what’s been going on in the outside world. Lovely to get home and wallow in all the TV.

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