Various- from my diary…1985

Stupidly the ignorance of my youth- I had a piece of card entitled ‘Royal, Academy of Art’ Exhibitors varnishing & season ticket -stuck in my diary .

Well I thought I had to get my painting ‘re- varnished’ & having exhibited a print. I didn’t go. So whenever I watch the BBC, the Royal Academy of Art Varnishing day on the TV- I shout that should of been me!!

Blooming Maud- the print I had exhibited in this years show.

Any way I meet mum this year primely to stay with me for the tennis. She pops in the Academy to look at the show, then we catch tube to waterloo. ‘What an experience’! I realise mum hates the tubes!! But it was too late. She gets worried, she says she feels all faint. Never seen her in this condition before! First times I’ve seen her looking so helpless & old!!

It was the October of the big move. Mum & dad moved to 7 Ashley Mill Lane & Jeff, Maria & the kids moved to the farm. What an effort.

I go to Jeff & Marias to play with the kids, amongst all the commotion -when I get back to the car there is a bunch of sweet peas, picked by John! brings me to tears- hardly says a word- he just grunts!!

Find out I am a coeliac after all!!

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