‘Isn’t she Pretty in Pink’

Back in midst of time October 1982. When we were all slimmer and a lot younger. I can’t just photocopy my diaries ( too rude), or health & safety issues. So I will surmise.-

Thurs 7 Oct- Julian as another keen student at North Staffs Poly came to see me at 12 noon, saying the Psychedelic Furs were playing tonight in Manchester- should we go. Yes. Get the train that night and go with a gang of friends.. Walk to the Hacienda club in Deansgate.

Outside the Hacienda club Julian talks to a roadie who lets him talk with Tim Butler (the bass guitarist) and we get complimentary tickets for the Hammersmith Odeon in London on Sunday.! I wouldn’t try this sort of thing- but Julian has balls!!

Go in to the Hacienda, lot of Posers . First band Sisters of Mercy, who I think are scary PLAY HEAVY METAL. Psychedelic Furs play for about hour and half-all the good tracks, Pretty in Pink . Run to catch train. Worst thing is I lost my green scarf from Parky. really annoyed.

Friday- 8th Julian & Harry organise to go & see Psychedelic Furs in Leicester 12 tickets and a free mini bus. Sat 9th Oct-Leave 6pm arrive ( some reason go into their dressing room and talk to John Ashton and the drummer). It’s a Great gig- but some of the minibus troupe get lost in the foray, so takes ages to get home. Ages.

Sun 11th- wake at 10- ring mum and say will be coming home in a day or too. then back to sleep until 2. Julian wakes me a lasagne ( I was driving too London). So gratefully receive. First band is The Passsage. Julian chats to he manager about getting into the party afterwards..

The Furs come on but this time seems a long way away, as we are sat in our seats and can’t mill around as we please.. Richard Butler wearing a light blue wide shouldered suit. The gig finishes at around10.30. We wait around by the doorman not saying we can come in. But get in. Why did we bother, Stood there like planks. Talking to each other. Whilst it’s just one little room. with a bar, that’s CLOSED.

Feel totally out of place. everyone knows each other. The guitarist from Siouxsie and the Banshee, Steven Severin, & the lead singer from the Cure..We so happy when we leave.People still cueing too get in! If only they knew..Just want a sleep.

And so that finishes another day soooooooooooooo long ago- it’s hazy to remember .

Next stop Alicante for the day.

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