Good news

Josh has learnt how to Facetime. So we has a few minutes together- but more importantly the test results for the bungalow came back clear!! after one female carer caught the virus.

In fact by the time if took for Josh and the other 3 lads, who live in the house test result to appear- the named girl was back at works after he two weeks in quarantine!

To while away the time I’ve been reading my old diaries. I thought I would type a page from

‘Sat 27th June 1982- Go to Altrincham. with Judith. Have dinner in ‘Spud U like’, meet Richard Grosick ? who works in there in there. Nice to have a chat. He’s going into drama, Stage production at Aberystwyth. Meet also Mike Holden, & Pete W.

Walk round the market- haven’t been to such a good shop in ages. Go back to Jude’s for a cup of tea. Walk back through Alty for my car. Amazingly my car was parked in multi story car park & the one next door was gulfed in flames- a complete black wreck. Luckily mine didn’t catch fire’

Later on go out for an Italian meal with Sandra and Judith in Alty. Have spaghetti with ham & cream. Chat about college, hols, boyfriends usual chat. Nice time. Go back to Sandra’s and drop her off, then Judith..

Mon 28th. Get up 6.30 am. Go to Milton Keynes in Mazda (van)- me & Julian. Only get to Cannock Chase & police pull me off the motorway- they think I am over laden. Nonsense argue, but go off to a weigh bridge. they say I am 5% over- but it is still legal- waste of time & petrol. Carry on down boring journey. Get there 11. Then have bit to eat at pub.’

And that is enough of that.- it’s boring really, for everyone else. so I’ll stop.

My chin’s getting better! Taking it’s time but at least something to talk about!!


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