The Crosby Capsule……..

The day I was trying out further diagnosis for Coeliac Disease\ apart from nobody knew what it was then! So I had to go through these barbaric tests.(watch out if you feel a bit queezzy.

24tth July 1984 ( Maria’s birthday)

In St Helier’s hospital ( a hospital that smacked of all things art decor), at 9.00 am, a nurse in ward F2, kindly asked me to swallow a Crosby Capsule. As I made several attempts to swallow the thing, but with no luck -after trying with tea- the nurse makes me hold my head back and she lets it drop inside !. I retch, but with eyes streaming it was down- I could hear Jules in the nearby toilet block being sick.

He stays away, as the hours slowly pass I am turned from left to right. Every time I touch the white tube in my mouth I retch again! Hours go by, more cups of tea. Julian comes to see how I am going on. – should take 2 or 3 hours I take 5. Have an X- ray to see if it is in place., which it is hooray..

By 3.00 pm the nurse can’t find a Dr, so decides to fire the capsule herself.. I sit on the bed, while she puts a syringe in the other end of the tube and you can hear a popping noise.

But it is getting the thing back up , once fired, that is the problem. One metre of it covered with salvia, yellow stuff, & every time she lets go it keeps going back. When it is at my oesophagus. I am in in tears, dribbling by now. Horrible, it won’t come up.

SO relax, but then she sticks her fingers down my throat, retch, retch and a quick pull- There it is . What a horrendous ordeal- yuck- never again! ! Such a sore throat,& chest. so glad to be normal again.

The only trouble was the whole day was a waste of time! I had to go through further testes as it hadn’t fired properly, So all a waste of time!!


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The Crosby–Kugler capsule, also called the Crosby capsule, is a device used for obtaining biopsies of small bowel mucosa, necessary for the diagnosis of various small bowel diseases. This capsule was originally invented by Dr. William H Crosby to assist in diagnosing Coeliac disease.

The capsule, attached to a long tube, is swallowed. The other end of the tube remains outside the patient’s mouth. When the capsule has reached the desired section of bowel, suction is applied to the tube. This suction triggers a mechanism in the capsule which causes a spring-loaded knife to sweep across an aperture in the capsule, cutting away any mucosa protruding into the aperture. The capsule is then pulled up by the tube, and the biopsied tissue is retrieved from within the capsule chamber.

Since about 1980, it has been possible to perform adequate biopsies on adults during an upper endoscopy, relegating the Crosby capsule to use mainly in children.

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