Not a typical Monday- or perhaps for me it is ?

Last weekend was going to be a nice weekend; first trip over to Cheshire since my Stroke,visiting friends, meal planned, & up to pub to call in on for a quick hello to old friends from the 70’s, ( YF reunion) before home to bed.. Oh yes, all well planned- but I can tell by Friday I have the tell tale symptoms of another UTI about to rear its ugly head.

Bad timing- by Sat I feel grim- shocking in fact. No way would it be sensible to join in. But that’s ok there is always another year. So just take things easy- drinking loads water and cranberry, I know its not definitely heeling but keep me going till Mon & the Drs open once more.

Monday arrives & that’s when things turn complicated. Julian takes my samples down to GP, Meanwhile I receive a phone call from Dr’s concerned about low sodium level brought up from blood test last week. I mention UTI so asked to surgery.

Once there the sample is tested & she thinks no infection (puzzling) I’m examined on the couch – prodded and poked. Then sit back in in chair. few mins later feel a bit light headed. Blood pressure very low- so she wants me to go into hospital. Keep saying sure I am ok.

I said have a few pains in sides- she is worried after feeling tummy- I perhaps could have something like aoritc aneurysm. So taken by ambulance on a stretcher, to A & E. Julian said can’t I take her by car- no. Ambulance!

I hoped I had gone down to to GP’s to get some antibiotics for UTI. end up have countless attempts for a canula to be inserted by ambulance men – feel like a pin cushion. I suggest they leave it for the hospital to try..

Once there- spend hours waiting in the either ambulance outside hospital in a cue or on a trolley .After about 4 hours move on into Majors at A & E where at last the doctor assesses me . Conclusion Yes I do have a UTI infection. given intravenous antibiotics. Have a scan I think to test no aortic aneurism ( thank goodness)

Attached to a heart monitor

Blood pressure normal by now. Another few attempts to fit a cannulas and eventually bingo it works- thank goodness. Given sodium intravenously. Make the most of the salt allowance by eating crisps ! I am starving .

When I wanted to take a wee after 7 hours was offered a bed pan- and said ‘no thanks- I’ll use the loo’ So a nurse came with me. That was great fun!

During my chest X Ray I remembered the skills taking your bra off through one arm of a top- that I probably learnt at guide camp. Very useful as I had one arm attached to a drip.

We get home at nearly 2 am in the morning. What a day. I am glad I got the antibiotics. I don’t think I will forget being strapped and carried out on a stretcher through the waiting room of the doctors. For quite a long time.

Thought my bed was uncomfortable on Mon when got home- I found a sticker from hear monitor with little bumb on the side stuck under my side! little going home present:)

This has taken three days to type up, was so tired , so please excuse all the mistakes!!

My revival omelette next day- hmmmm

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