Easter hols at home

What a lovely time we spent with Josh at home for his Easter break. It was non eventful but that’s how we like it really I recovered from that nasty UTI . watching Josh througly enjoy his easter egg hunt outside in the glorious sunshine. I could site palatially ( is that how you spell it!) and watch the goings on from thw bench outside the house. Not that Josh and I look to happy having our photos taken really!! No make up on- scowling so much so I have decided not to show you the photo!! I’ve shown one of Julian and Josh much more appetising.:)

Julian had hidden the eggs expertly round the garden, So it wasn’t too diffficlt but sligly testing. He then followed dutifully behind Josh with a the basket, collecting each egg as he found it- shouting instructions of hot or cold depending how frustrated Josh was getting

It really ws such super weather over the easter break- unheard of really for a bank holiday o be not pouring with rain. But after that warmth & sunshine the following week made up for it- with hail. Josh had been wearing his snowflake socks that morning- & I was saying to him before Karaoke when he is usually sat on the sofa next to me & as he crosses his legs I always talk about his choice of socks that morning. That day I said this socks are for winter time- but obviously he had been looking at the weather forecast – please excuse my messy desk-behind Josh not been cleared for months & paper piled on top of papers imagine there is something very interesting at the bottom!!

I mentioned to Josh as he was with us 10 days that one of the days near end of his stay Harvey moving to Melbourne for eighteen months. We had a good call with Harvey before he went and it was lovely listening ( as the phone was on speaker) how the two brothers interreacted with one another. Josh usually hates talking on the phone but they had a nice chat. Although I could tell he was getting agitated when H was asking where abouts in the garden did he find his Easter eggs & josh Just thumbed ‘out there’- as thought H could see( it wasn’t on Facetime) – which I think is why J spoke more freely for awhile- as being watched is harder then chatting nonsense really.

Having Josh at home so long was tiring- lovely to see him and quite nice to enjoy my space when he goes back. he is stickler for meals at a set time, which is tiring – makes me slightly panicky if its going to be late for him! Plus he likes set routines for other things like the korokke, having his teeth cleaned. Which I do try to do for him ever other night. I must say we got the giggles when I doing one night as I slid of the side of his bed. My left leg not having as much strength ass it should. He was laughing & I kept garfawing again ( DO YOU GET THE WORD I’m TRYING TO SPELL)!- which was making him get quite cross although he was just as bad as I was giggling. I wiped my tears away on the beautifully white hand towel- leaving black mascara streaks!! whoops

Gosh typing that has worn my left hand out. It’s still mightily lazy at moving those fingers. But improving monthly. Exercise wise I haven’t done B all since I fell on my coccyx a couple of weeks ago. and I notice my left leg is sliding a lot more instead of that walking motion. The UTI slowed me down & once I’ve started watching a bit of the Masters Snooker it has become a nice habit. So today feeling guilty as Julian brought back a kebab at lunch- so will try to do some exercise

Good luck Harvey in Malborne- he has gone to work on Metro Tunnel-https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_Tunnel?wprov=sfti1

I think he was looking forward to living in Melbourne & seeing another part of Australia- albeit in the same territory. Are they called that?

I’ll sign off and try some exercise ( may put tv on for afternoon snooker scores ) even cuppa and feet up on this beautifully sunny day. No must try to do something. Tomorrow looking forward to meal out with cousin Sally & Geoff.x

sorry not many photos this blog – shows you how little I have done!

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