sent from the physio’s room for laughing

And so this week may have been my last session with the physiotherapist sat Glan Clwyd. Julian will probably sigh with relief – seeing it is an hours trip ( taking into account trying to park) . So an afternoon’s spent each week really. However hoping to continue some rehab at our local physio dept. at hospital. I am waiting assessment.

Over the months we have got to know the physio at Glan Clwyd quite well. the first session I arrived in a wheelchair, next week or may have been longer with the snow disruption- anyhow I arrived using my walker, moving onto walking with a stick. So progress definitely being made.

She always made me smile- and Julian had a laugh whether watching me on the wobble board, or trying a verity of different pieces of equipment to keep my interest in the sessions. Lets face it for Julian it was mainly boring the repetition of journeys to the coast each week.

Any way last week I was using really been put through my paces. On my feet, working on my balance. sometimes rolling soft ball on a table with left hand, trying to get these fingers working better- especially the index one which is being very lazy. But it was trying to catch the soft ball that started us laughing. She was saying things like ‘ you can move your feet’. And I would look surprised – ‘me move my feet- I haven’t done that since about 1980’.

Next we were playing badminton with a balloon. Well you could have seen me. obviously I am using left hand, which is not very coordinated- neither strong. Julian warned the physio- Sue takes these games seriously. she will want to win! as if that were likely. I was missing this balloon 9 times out of 10! So difficult. But funny. Julian was sat at the far end of the room- in my eyeline. Every time I missed the balloon- yet again. He would bow his head with laughter & it would set me off again. Concentrate- I was trying but Julian said it looked like I was whisking an egg- rather than trying to hit a low backhand with the balloon nearly touching the floor.

So the physio sent him out of the room! it was only meant in gest but really probably all this laughter was driving her made. so out he went or behind the curtain. It lasted about a few minutes and he appeared in the room. With the physio saying-‘ who said you could come back’?

So over all I have enjoyed the sessions. It has given me encouragement to continue with the exercises at home everyday. which reminds me to go and do them now. I can watch the rugby and hopefully see Wales win today. Photo below is one of the shelve sin the kitchen I stare at when I am strengthening my left leg.

All the photos I have taken since beginning of 2019 are from the window of house, from the car- perhaps soon I will make it to the garden. But for now it is my life trying to move better- trying to get my hand to work harder- to type, to use the fork- to do up my bra!

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