Potato masher made me crumble



Continuing my drawer clearance

2 machine embroideries

7 x 7 1/2 inches

£99 + p & p- just contact me if you’re interested. I have tried to put photos of images on my blog page 🙂



This week  we had a cottage pie or was it a shepherd’s pie, anyways there was mashed potato on the top. That was my job peeling the potato’s sat down at the table whilst Julian fried the onions, and beef. I peeled and chopped some carrots, any way this isn’t a recipe blog- I was just telling you about how when it came to mashing the potatoes ( Julian obviously) he put the masher on the sink ready to be washed.IMG_3024

I picked it up, looked at it , and tears welled in my eyes. It was my mums, part of a set of utensils with wooden handles. For years they lived hung up by the aga ( at the farm), then later in an earthenware pot by her cooker when they down sized to a house, then flat. I stared at it, and thought of all the potatoes she’d mashed over the years with it. I could see my mums hands holding the same wooden handle I was now holding, and it just made me feel sad. A sort of loss.

Julian sad what’s the matter and I said in a rather pathetic way ‘ this is my mums masher’, and he replied, he knew & that was why we were taking care of the set. They had wooden handles, so didn’t get thrown in the dish washer. A bit like a knife my dad repaired and put a wooden handle with rivets on it.


I probably went in the other room and shouted at Alexa to play radio 2, and got on with writing a letter or sending a text to Harvey, had he organised his flight home for Xmas 🙂 Life goes on, and it was just a moment, I thought I would share with you. To say I haven’t forgotten you mum x

The same week Julian made a great leek and potato soup ( no mashing this time). He was trying to find a nice bowl to eat it from and said why don’t we use one of the ones stacked away in the other room.  I can’t recall when I’d ever used it myself. It is part of my grandma’s wedding present.


Memories of using this dinner service on Christmas days at the farm when we had a whole host of relatives for lunch.  As we shared the farm with my grandma, this dinner service was hers until she must have given it to my mum and dad, and we didn’t use it ever day, stored the plates and beautiful vegetable serving dishes away on a sideboard.

IMG_3027As decoration they looked super all the blue and white contrasting with the pale wooden dresser. I imagine when mum & dad moved to a flat there cupboards were full and they offered it me.


However as usual I’m waffling.  We had the leek & potato soup, in a proper soup bowl, or dish and it was smashing!

img_3008.jpg                              Tasting all the better for the memories that went with it!




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