Yellow Roses

This is the yellow rose plant we planted in the garden from Sandra & Martin, to remind me of dad.

It must like the location as it’s  definitely grown  & has so many more roses. Each time I look out of the window- it does make me smile- so is certainly doing the trick.



The greenhouse  is looking very empty this year. I took this photo through the glass & noticed the yellow sticky fly paper still swinging from the roof- where I caught my hair picking tomatoes last year!

this year

Julian too busy at present to grow much produce. We have potatoes, 2 courgette plants (from next door) & that is it. No lettuces, chilies, beans, peas nor a  greenhouse bursting with tomatoes.

last year

Well nothing else to report. Off to collect Josh Wed pm for his stay with us over his birthday. Whow one minute it is Xmas & the next thing its August birthday week. Not only Josh & Harvey have their birthdays next week but 3 other members of the family. A busy time for writing cards. Thank goodness we don’t lick stamps anymore- the envelopes are bad enough.

I recall there used to be a factory in Widnes- that when ever we drove past there was a particular aroma & Julian used to say that’s Grannox, where they render  animal bones & make into glue. It has always put me off licking an envelope since! Not sure why.

Leave you with a nice view taken the other night.


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