Been so long – no excuses…………..

What have I been doing that is making life so busy. Things just to be taking longer to complete perhaps. I love the summer but maybe the heat doesn’t help. But that is a pathetic excuse.  I loved our little holiday at the Menai Straights in Anglesey.

View from the cottage from the kitchen sink over towards Bangor University (I believe), and Snowdon. Sat with a glass of wine- enjoying watching how the tide changes the banks of the Menai straights.

Related image

We had a super time together with Josh- many adventures by the sea,  for instance the Lifeboat station at Moelfra on a blistering hot sunny day.

Visiting the ‘ Coastal Cafe’ in Moelfre- surely the best fish & chip shop ever ( especially as they served Gluten free fish- amongst other gluten free food ( think there was even sticky toffee pudding)!

Lots of these excursions ( well a few) as things had to fit around Josh’s meal times! He gets very stressed if we don’t ( or he) doesn’t eat 12 & 5pm (autistic trait). So that was quite easy to slot in with the fish & chip shop at Moelfra- but even though it was a beautiful day my legs didn’t want to carry me very far along the coastal path near the lifeboat station. There were many rests, & it is so frustrating when I want to do more but MS fatigue, & mobility problems are a bastard( excuse my language). But I did try a little way, and so that is better than non. But if ever you start talking to me about coastal walks, rambling or such like- you may well see my eyes glaze over- as unfortunately I’m not up for such adventures.

How I manage photographing this gate I am not sure- but I loved the twirls in the metal work-  some of them look a bit like hearts. The sea was behind us & this cottage had a perfect aspect. On the way past the first time there was a rabbit sat munching the grass. Not a tame rabbit but a wild one. I pointed it out to Josh. On the way back to the car- Josh was perturbed it wasn’t there again.


On the day we went to Beaumaris it was a bit rainy. I think Josh was aiming to get to the ice cream shop in this photo – hence the disinterest- although he never really enjoys looking at the camera. Bit like me- I am hopeless. And these days delete more photos of me than save- due to either a) my messy hair, b)my grey hair, c) looking my age & not how I did 30 years ago!!!

I choose staying at Menai, because it is closer to a larger town like Beaumaris if Josh got bored of the sea side. He likes to wander around charity shops searching for DVD’s or like- and so this is what we did on this day. But we have to take into account my legs. Boring. Wandering is not a great thing for ms. So we managed to fit in getting his fix of buying a something luckily at the first shop- so we could go back to sit down & rest in a cafe.

But I think the hot tub sold  the cottage to me- & it certainly was the second best to having a swimming pool! Pictures of me wearing a bath hat were not allowed- but I believe do exist! As we were in the hot tub ever day I didn’t want to get wet hair each time so found a plastic hat in my sponge bag.


I’ve been to Anglesey all through my life stayed in many places as a child, with my children, & more recently over at Trearddur Bay ( during storm Imogen), but never really stopped at looked Menai. We’ve driven over the bridge countless times but it was rather exciting to stand underneath, while Julian tried a spot of fishing. Built by Thomas Telford in 1826, the worlds first suspension bridge apparently.

Look at the colour of the water- it looks so turquoise. Sorry if some of you have seen these photos before- that’s the issue with sharing things on Facebook. Anyway no fish were caught, but it was a half hearted attempt- as you need patience as a fisherman. Josh was brilliant company for half an hour & then it was time to move onto something more exciting. Perhaps if I’d suggested he brought his tablet with him- ‘Rayman’ or ‘Candy Crush’ may have helped.

On another day we had a lovely walk down Bangor Pier- something we could see from the other side of the Menai straights on Anglesey from our cottage. It was a grey day- the colour matches the pier.  We could tell Josh wasn’t enthralled by the visit- but maybe I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much at 27. It does seem a rather quaint old fashioned place.

I managed to get a postcard  dated around 1900 looking towards the Pier from somewhere  near our cottage. I love the tall ships . It somehow made walking down the pier so much more in touch with the past. ( thank goodness they have many benches along the way to rest & admire the view,  giving Julian a chance to point out the countless jelly fish in the sea below.

2016-02-29 11.45.16

And so that is our trip in a nutshell. – Just a few last photos

One of the tennis- cause it was the second week at Wimbledon. I made a mistake not to think about that when I booked the holiday. I was working round fitting it in with Josh’s Hijinx Unity festival the week before at Caernarfon, & missing school summer holidays (more expensive- and children for Josh to be anxious around) but forgot the tennis. Anyhow it fitted in well really. Although missed most of Andy Murray’s last game being in the hot tub. Once I’d got over the fact he had been defeated- it worked out quite well- just watching the odd game in between views out on the terrace or trips to Waitrose. Our first ever trip to the shop- which I liked ( as a treat) except the small car park- or is it  just more 4 x 4’s park there!

Josh loved that chair- it was his favorite place. Doesn’t he look relaxed- his tablet on his knee, probably watching Chucklevision. Slippers on (the right feet I notice).  It was a good break for three of us. Great shame Harvey couldn’t join us for a night or two- but he was knee deep in work. There was a bed waiting and I left a note on the bed, to save them changing it. 😦


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