‘how do you spell ‘charra-bang’

I was sorting through some old photos- & came across this great one of a trip out in a Charra-bang to Southport. it states 1924. So maybe somewhere on the vehicle there is dad. It was trip out for the ‘Booth Bank Chapel’ in Cheshire, where my great granddad Issac Warburton (senior) played the organ for over 60 years,  He is sat 5th along from the left, wearing a hat ( right above the man who is standing).


Unfortunately the chapel at Millington was knocked down to make way for the M56 Motorway. Dad took us on a mini bus tour of interesting family places a few years back. There is a plaque – under the motorway……..

‘From May 1747 onwards John Wesley on several occasions visited this locality staying at the old Booth Bank Farm, Agden and preaching under the oak tree still in front of the house.
The above plaque was affixed to the Booth Bank Methodist Chapel which stood on this site from 1834 The building was demolished in 1972′ 

I have tried to add a map? is it there- can’t see it- but honestly I really tried! Just type in Booth Bank Millington into Google and you will come up with this area of East Cheshire!

Issac Warburton (senior- to save confusion) moved to Dairy House Farm, Ashley in 1914  (where I grew up & where my brother still lives) from Brooke Farm, Bollington. By 1921 his son Issac (junior) was the next tenant of this Tatton estate property. (see below – I made this machine embroidery for Kate my niece, who lived at the farm when my brother moved in. She & I had the same bedroom at differing era’s. Before I had the room, it had been my Uncle Jack’s room- then another era, mine, then Kate’s. I am not sure who used the room in Issac seniors era. But now with Jeff’s grand kids staying over at times, there have been 5 generations of Warburtons at the farm


Who else can I point out from the family sitting waiting for their day out in Southport. Right hand side- the man sat behind the steering wheel, wearing a hat is John Warburton, mys dads great uncle who he thought of very fondly. Buried together at Rostherne.

Chap next to him on the left is A.J Warburton my dad’s elusive father, and next to him on the left, in a flat-cap, is Issac (junior). Who came to an untimely end after a shooting accident, and unfortunately dying shortly afterwards from gangrene. After his death A.J took charge of the farm, later marring my Grandma Eva & together they had 5 children, Freda, Jack, Peggy, Eric (my dad), & Barbara.

I am sure of many names sat on the charra-bang- but I do know Freda is sat on the left of Issac senior, & Jack wearing school cap (4th door from the right). He is sat to the left of James Knowles, who married my dads aunt Annie. It could well be my Grandma Eva, sat just behind Jack, but not sure. The only other lady dad pointed out to me was his  own grandma, Hannah Warburton  nee Cooper. She was a bit of a stickler by all accounts & she looks that way inclined- she’s stood up to the left of Freda.

My dad took over the tenancy of the farm in 1945, and that was when be married my mum Edna Maud Redfearn, & later us 4 kids arrived- Jeff, Simon, Ian & Susan. Dad retired in 1985 when he was 65 & since then Jeff has lived in the farmhouse. And so without too many errors that is my potted history of our time in Ashley. Too many tale to tell. Please excuse any mistakes folks.

If you can understand that garbled, confused tour round this old photo of a charra-bang- without totally getting lost then I have done well. As I am bit bamboozled with it all myself!!


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