Things that have made me smile this last week

  1. The most fantastic photo of ‘Bob Shoemaker’ ( aka Josh) – Thanks Jane from Hijinx North Wales. He is hardly recognizable- More like someone from ‘The  Old Curiosity Shop’ – and he’s staring straight into the camera!

    His part was filmed & to be shown in ‘BoHo’ A dystopian musical misadventure an exploration of what it means to be good enough, performed by a cast of disabled and non-disabled actors through a vibrant original score, film and words, this June at Theatre Clwyd .



2. My second positive thing isn’t that exciting really, ( it’s been a slow week)! but I noticed we had a few wild flowers on the way to our post box, so here they are ( not sure what their names are)?

I remember when I was little and we would stay at Branas Lodge nr Llandrillo North Wales, Granny would often take us for a walk down the country lanes. To pass the time she’d point out all the wild flowers & there seemed to be loads. Primroses,  and a pink flower ( name escapes me now).  Nowadays you don’t see as many in the hedge rows, so that’s the reason for these photos (poor as they are)! maybe they aren’t even wild but just self setters from nearby gardens!


3. I left college in 1986- my art work from those years spanning 80- 86 is packaged in a large folder, and as yet we can’t locate it! Julian’s studio’s been searched (what was the garage); under the house has been ransacked, & still no folder. So next stop will be the attics. I hope Julian will have time to get the ladder out & take a peek this week. So really I should have left writing about it in my blog until it’s found again.

Until then bye – perhaps I may have had more inspiration to write something worth reading next week

2 thoughts on “Positives………………..

    1. The publicity shot for BoHo with Josh or – ‘Bob Shoemaker’- is so professional- I am sure it will draw people to the show. Or is that just a mothers viewpoint!!!


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