Broken Mug

Josh’s wonderful trip to Half a Sixpence- I have no photo’s as yet- but I believe a few were taken, as evidence he went & had a great time in Trafalgar Sq, popped into the National Gallery ( bit of culture), before a well deserved pizza- then on the Noel Coward Theatre to watch the musical.  Which both Josh & Heather ( not Auntie H) absolutely loved.


The train journey back to North Wales went well, apart from Josh remarking to a rather ‘rowdy inebriated lady’, annoying the entire of the carriage. She must have asked was she being too loud & he promptly told he to shut up!!  Shows he still has real anxiety around noises. Children/ babies cause him the greatest anxiety- as they can be so unpredictable- crying as we all now at any moment.

However the trip to London was a great success & well done to the Noel Coward Theatre for offering to replace the broken mug for free. Many thanks to Laura the General Manager

The bluebells are looking nice in the garden. Sign of the seasons moving quickly past. It doesn’t seem five minutes ago the snowdrops were just appearing.

I probably have a hundred and one things to mention in this blog- but feel slightly rusty from posting- maybe due to the post Easter fatigue having Josh at home with us for 10 days, or let down we all feel now Line of Duty has finished. What to watch now on Sunday nights?

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