Don’t we all love a treat and memories from my 50th @ Crogen

Going to the post box today was entertaining. Not sure how the package managed to fit inside- but it came out with a little tug.


I was keen to open it back in the house. My friend Sandra had sent me some gluten free goodies. And how spectacular they were. So much so, I ate one iced candle biscuit before putting the kettle on for a cuppa & others on my plate.

We all love a treat.Thank you again.x

It was my birthday yesterday- and five years since the party I held for my fiftieth at Crogen

I wanted to hold a party with a family & friends, to thank them for all the events we’d been to over the years. We had been married 25 years,and so my fiftieth seemed a good reason to just celebrate. Crogen Hall, Llandrillo, was the place I chose- with rooms for that day solely available for my group of guests; inviting no children, to allow Josh being at ease for the day.

His #autism holds massive anxieties around children, fear of crying & I wanted to make it a day he could relaxed, therefore I was relaxed. Unfortunately it meant all my nieces & nephews couldn’t bring  spouses as most of them were babysitting at home. This was a bigger wrench as my birthday fell on #MothersDay that year. I was very grateful that they came all the way over to #NorthWales instead of spending time with their own kids.

For the older family members we were sharing memories from our youth  in nearby Branas Lodge. A Cottage we rented over ten years. I wanted to do this while my parents could enjoy the day & I am so glad I did it then, as today it wouldn’t be possible.

Josh was a star with his karaoke. It was something I believed he could do, but with slight trepidation from other family members. Perhaps thinking it would be an acquired sound/style- but he was brilliant !if I say so myself. Actually he stole the show. Just four songs:-

  • Is this the way to Amarillo- Tony Christie
  • Reach for the sky- Steps
  • Dancing Queen- Abba
  • We are two in a million- S Club 7 ( a  favorite he always loves to sing with me)

After the meal, few games, & his singing he suddenly had enough. He’d coped brilliantly in a room full of guests- but he wanted to go home. And now! So luckily a friend took him back home while we remained at the hall a while longer soaking up the fantastic atmosphere & chatting to friends. I think it took me months to organise, & weeks to get over the day. but was something I’m so glad we made the effort to do. I probably could never afford it again. Nor have the energy- &  importantly my mum talked about it for years.



2 thoughts on “Don’t we all love a treat and memories from my 50th @ Crogen

  1. It was truly a lovely day, a beautiful elegant venue & a very happy celebration with friends & family & I was lucky enough to be a part of it.
    My Dad always says life is made up of these happy events & although they may be hard work to organise & expensive they are what life is all about.


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