Bloggers block…..

I just can’t seem to get it together to write anything uplifting or interesting. So rather than blogging ‘nothing’- using my time adding some photos from walk around the garden this week or views #northwales. (when I mean North Wales- I mean view from the front window or the garden!)

I suppose an interesting conversation which I  could relay is about my neighbor, who came home to find their gate shut & a black Labrador in the garden. They thought how had their dog got out of the house as they owned the same breed . Obviously it wasn’t their dog, theirs was still inside, so where had this other dog arrived from?

I am sorry at the moment the mystery is unsolved.  He is looking after the other dog until they can locate the owner. It has not tag, may be electronically tagged- so probably the next plan of action is taking it down to the vets.

However – I told this story to mum, & she said ‘oh its a bit like when Timmy used to catch the bus to Timperley’  ‘& we’d  get a phone call to pick him up from the dog pond’. I said why did he catch the bus to Timperley ( wanting to ask did he pay etc, but thought that more ridiculous than the story already was leading) – she said he used to follow Mr Unsworth ( dad’s farm secretary) on his way home. I said did Mr Unsworth  never notice Timmy was following him & shoo him away. But she assumed he never did. As this was years before I was born;  don’t remember Timmy- it is hard to make a comment- but sounded so funny.  But it seemed to happen on a regular occurrence .

The only thing worth mentioning apart from these weird conversations related to dogs today,  I received our first Christmas card this morning. Heck.


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