Seeing things now!

Spent the day doing important things- being distracted from one thing to another. For instance sorting stuff on my desk relating to Josh – then over to put the sheets of paper in his expanding file. The one that always falls over when ever I touch it. They get full so quickly . So then you have to have more files for these important bits of paper  until everywhere stacked up with folders & boxes.

When a child is statemented you start dealing with departments like  health, education, social workers. Then as your child grows older the departments seem to move away from just schools onto colleges, adults services; if your lucky enough as Josh is to now have supported living that leads to hundreds of paper trails.

File upon file with finance documents, for community support, housing, travel expenses, personal Independence, employment support application forms etc.,  I couldn’t even being to tell you the reams of paper from just this year – times that by twenty years & the house is groaning.

I’ve spent the day juggling such papers & was distracted before I shut the curtains by beautiful sky. So photographed it- looking at it a few minutes ago- thought I could see an eye in the clouds. But on second thoughts- nothing there at all!

wish i’d never started this blog today.

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