Not up to the mark – don’t need this hassle

Not been feeling brilliant this week, some  creeping sensations of saddle paresthesia ,  fair enough- these things happen in MS plus a silly little cough probably caught on the ‘park & ride’ visiting hospital last week. The man sat in front to me was suffering with a terrible cough- so I think the whole bus took it home with them.

Also been a weird week news wise (putting it mildly)-everyone thrown out of kilter with things.

Yesterday received the ‘Capability for work questionnaire ‘ from Works & Pensions for Josh. It just seems ridiculous that I have to keep proving his level of disabilities. I only just went through a similar process with the PIP ( personal Independence payment) back in the spring. A very negative process- focusing on what he can’t do rather than what he can.(did I tell you Capita didn’t arrive for an assessment, sending no apologies. We just sat there waiting & when I complained- they said they don’t contact you in such circumstances!!!!! )

So yet again he has to prove his abilities. This capability for work questionnaire- shouts blatantly that Josh can’t achieve . It is a torturous process for me to have to complete yet another form for him Surely with someone with mild learning difficulties & autism- we  all know there isn’t going to be much change in things.

I am sure Theresa May announced earlier this year that the DWP was to scrap repeat ‘fitness for work tests’ for those chronically sick claimants suffering with chronic conditions, including those with autism. How sensible that would be.

I’ve got to  complete the form( by 9th Dec) or they might stop his payments ; once they have looked through form they may well contact him to arrange a face to face assessment. So that’s another farce to maybe worry about.

It’s all mad. Stressful for us, a waste of my time,I waste of the governments resources to keep asking the same questions. He’s 27 nothing remarkable is going to change. Unfortunately.   Don’t rub salt in the wound – let us just get on with things trying to be positive.

I should be getting on with it now. Prefer a cup of tea-think Xmas presents than this………….



2 thoughts on “Not up to the mark – don’t need this hassle

  1. Hi Sue. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling great. The endless, negative form filling won’t help. Chin up and have a mince pie! Xx


    1. Don’t fret- I am not prostrate- just annoyingly uncomfortable. Forgot the minutes silence – but I wasn’t talking. We all hate filling in those forms not telling you anything new. No cake at mo trying to lose a few pounds/ounces ! Take care byee x


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