Sole or Plaice Duglere – white fish in white wine, fish stock & cream (if not on a diet)

Any filleted white fish can be used in this recipe- but as I have frozen Plaice in the freezer – & it’s more economical I tend to use this

  • Butter/olive oil for frying
  • Bunch spring onions (chopped) ( luckily quite a few in garden)
  • 4 filleted frozen Plaice- defrosted
  • Flour for coating
  • Salt & pepper- obviously! We all need a bit of seasoning
  • ½ pint dry white wine (try not to use your favorite bottle as could be wasteful!!)
  • ½ pint fish stock – not out of date which mine frequently is!
  • Tomatoes – 4 or more skinned- I’m using loads more as we have them in a bucketful from greenhouse
  • 4 tablespoons cream – if not on a diet
  • Couple spoons freshly chopped parsley – if you can get husband to help chop & prepare even better

So now I have things in place

Coat fish in flour, salt & pepper.

Melt butter/oil in a large frying pan & fry onions remove

Add a bit more oil & fry fish gently on each side. Luckily husband arrives just at the right time to assist with cooking

Stir in all those beautiful deskinned tomatoes, fish stock, & sparingly pour in whatever wine you can afford to use in cooking & not put back in fringe for a tipple later.

Cook gently for 20 mins

Test with fork to make sure cooked.

Now you can add 4 tablespoons of cream if you want & stir in well

Sprinkle with fresh parsley & serve immediately

Or in my world. Leave in pan take out the portion for tonight & when cool decant into containers & freeze ready to eat another day

To maybe spice meal up add a bit of hot pepper sauce- I use it with nearly ever meal

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