Why do all my skirts feel tight?

Went in my wardrobe this morning  and tried on some of my winter weight skirts, as its getting a bit colder, but not sure why everything is tight? This isn’t good. I know I have enjoyed a few sweets this summer & the odd fry up. But it will have to stop. Decide to play my Pilates dvd ( missing out all the hard bits)- but that hardly gets me in a sweat. Stop for lunch- then take a tiny weeny walk to end of road, stopping every few yards-taking a few photos on the way, another great excuse to stop.

Then back inside & flop on computer chair. Feeling quite peckish- in need of a sugar fix- but a cuppa tea will have to suffice.

The Physiotherapist suggested I go swimming. Ahh- what a palaver that is. . But I bought my new swimming costume; ordering a selection online & having to take a while getting that right look with a   ‘flattering tummy’ to suit a lady of my age & broadening stomach. Once the new costume was in the cupboard I then didn’t feel good for a while MS wise with funny feet, but few months later in the end  no excuses so took the plunge ( ha ha). Its all the changing -completely wears me out. Dressing undressing, so much trouble just for about 6 lengths in the pool. & when you climb out of the water your legs feel like lead. So I will try to lose these ponds any way except getting back in that pool. I used to enjoy swimming, but certainly not fun any more, especially since the local baths changing rooms have become communal- with NO cubicals.

So I think its going to be no biscuits, no fry ups, no sweets for a while.But  I’ll have to have steak tonight as its in the fridge -not a very good start. But it was on offer in Lidl & far to nice to freeze.

Perhaps I could just buy some larger skirts- now that might be easier.


2 thoughts on “Why do all my skirts feel tight?

  1. Buy the larger skirts. Or go to the pool with your swimming costume on underneath your clothes. And enjoy your steak!


    1. Tonight I’ll enjoy half the steak…..lots of veg & have the same tomorrow. Maybe that is a first step. I suppose its cheaper to lose weight than buy another sized clothes!


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