Not sure what I’ll talk about……..till I start

So go for a little amble…… walking through the back kitchen ( hubby says I must call it utility) and firstly notice a few apples that he’s picked . They’ve fallen off tree. So I give one a wipe & what a difference it makes. (guess if you notice which one)?

Decide to have a wander to the garden via the greenhouse. Look at all the tomatoes still to ripen. Hubby stopped watering everything- so the soil shirking in the pots & any greenery withering. All looks quite eerie- but some super peppers, chills & tomatoes yet to pick. All down to hubby’s green fingers- I just help eat produce; munch my way through the apples. In the smaller greenhouse which I fight over using as a drying area when its is free you can see my ‘Coronation Street’ tea towel hanging.  This is turning out to be an exciting blog isn’t it!!!

At the moment the pumpkin is  also drying in the greenhouse – waiting for next week, Josh’s return for a few days & the annual pumpkin digging out, carving palaver. He SO enjoys Halloween- ‘in his own ASD way’. Never trick or treating- not very appropriate when you are 27.

Lastly make my way to the apple tree, & pick up 3 new windfalls. Yuck when I turn one over it has a nasty slug inside. Turns the stomach. But still worth photographing!

Then back inside & rest my legs. Photographing the bird bath before I shut the door. Some great colors even if the birds will have to go else where to have a little dip…… Maybe next doors will be free.


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