1986…..seems like yesterday

Back to normal today after a lovely day yesterday- our 30 year wedding anniversary. Not that we are wild on these events, only had a meal with hubby out in a country pub- but it was a chance to share a few photos from our wedding album, normally stored in ‘yellowing cardboard box’ in a top cupboard. The years may have passed quickly for us, but my goodness can you see the 30 years have made considerable changes with little bridesmaids.  All with fully grown with children mostly the same age as they were in 1986.

Anyway today is just Wednesday 19th 2016- there will be more celebrations somewhere else in our family, friends this week, birthdays etc, & with social media it’s easier to stay in touch & wish someone a good day; even those across the world, who are remotely connected from primary school. Maybe we haven’t seen people for 40 years. But we can still add our wishes.

Photos of the an Emma Bridgewater mug from my brother & his wife- what a cheery thing. I love spots ( as not on me).



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