I had an idea to Blog about…..now what was it again…..

That is the trouble unless you jot down an idea, a few hours later I’ve forgotten that most important thing I had to say.

Never mind- it will come to me again. Is it a sign of middle age, being female or maybe this glass of wine. Who can say.

I need to spend a bit of quality time rearranging my Blog, & stop thinking of it as homework. So that will be the task of the week. That & buying my husbands birthday present. ( hope he’s not reading this).

Had a great time going to the seaside on Saturday with J & J. It was brillaint weather & we sat in the car watching the waves almost at the car tyres whilst we ate our lunch

Hopefully  you won’t get bored of my sky photographs. I do seem to take quite a lot, but it’s very addictive. I can’t seem to walk past the window without taking a photo when there’s a lovely sunset. Just as well I’m not up early enough for the sunset too.


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