Blogging when you tired

Had a busy few days- which has taken its towel ( can’t even remember how to spell toil!) Visiting my parents both in their 90’s, coping with the hot weather (nice as it was the muggy weather not so brilliant when you have MS),and a few other appointments.

Yesterday on yet another weird hot Indian summers day we helped son no 2 move into new house in Liverpool. It was lovely to see new house- but I think I may have overdone it physically & as an overbearing mum, trying for instance, to arrange  his new drawers in his kitchen and which cupboard best for spices. I am not the best help really on such occasions as I can’t carry things (keep getting in the way)- but do like to flump up the cushions & open windows to get the place aired. Well actually I struggled with that really, as couldn’t find the right key to open each window or door.

We had a fantastic lunch at  .The biggest chips I’ve ever seen  with my  ‘ham egg & chips’ but I was such a weakling a) I couldn’t open the tomato ketchup & b) couldn’t shake it out!.

Today was a visit to my hairdressers- always great to catch up with Laura, but hairdressers are worthy of a  whole other blog, so I’ll just leave that subject for another day.

And tomorrow most import visiting Josh. So have to be more energised so I can hear about all his news, & answer  all the questions. Its lovely to see him but always quite exhausting. as it may be the case with autistic people. No doubt he will talk on track about his chosen theme- whether episodes of Thunderbirds, Mr Bean etc, which is very interesting for a while however more tiring after the 20th time.

So feeling fatigued- I know my spelling is wonky- & my sentences pretty crappy- but maybe that’s a lesson to be learnt don’t blog when your tired.

2 thoughts on “Blogging when you tired

  1. Keep blogging Sue, no matter how tired, I love to read it and find out what you have been up to. Have a good weekend and don’t do too much! Sandra
    Ps this is a first for me …. Commenting on a blog😃


    1. It’s scary talking into the abyss isn’t it – but for me nice to know someone is listening. That sounds rather pathetic. Yes I will endeavour to have great time with J tomorrow & then Sunday get to task with the abundance to tomatoes building up in my fridge ( or maybe leave till Monday.


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