I need to learn the blog world

Still a ‘Learner driver’ in Blog world. So much to work out- and one of my issues is I hate reading instruction booklets- thinking I’ll learn as I go along. So that a disadvantage & probably foolish. (no probablys about it- it is foolish)

But I’m talking to my self at this stage- so won’t really matter if I make a few mistakes as I go along.

Foot still so painful, but  don’t feel it warrants being fractured- the GP did think it looked a bit puffy. She made me smile when asked ‘Did I go power walking‘! ( in her defence obviously haven’t seen her before) What is the opposite to power walking? well I do that- sort of sat down most of day, walk very slowly with many rests. This foot certainly hurts. trouble it’s the same foot that I complained of feeling nub back in June- I hope this doesn’t turn out to be  an a  MS symptom. That is one of the troubles we always think things are MS related.

(Don’t take many photos of my feet (hence photos enclosed are on holidays)




3 thoughts on “I need to learn the blog world

  1. It’s ok to learn as you go :). We all had to start some where. We learn from each other. The blogging community is very supportive and there are a lot of bloggers that focus on helping other bloggers. I’m still pretty new and still learning myself but I think I’ve done pretty good so far. Much better than I had imagined. If you have any questions I would be glad to help. Hope your foot is better soon!
    You can also find me here https://www.facebook.com/MSlivingandlaughter/


    1. Hi MSnubutterflies
      Yours was my first message & this is my first reply. Thanks you for taking the time to read my blog.
      Your Blog looks sorted with titles & sections. I must try & be more organised!I may well ask a question if I get stuck. Trouble is not spending much time reading the rules- which would help.
      Thanks for positive message re foot. Still funny but hoping its a sprain.

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      1. You’re welcome and I look forward to following. I don’t know that there are any rules. That’s the fun part about blogging. If you want more eyes on your blog I would suggest linking your social media buttons to your twitter account and other social profiles if you have them. If I click on them now they take me to my profiles. Also there are meet and greets you can add your link to that help people find your blog and you can visit links of other blogs too. The meet and greets helped me tremendously in the beginning. 🙂


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