What a revelation

Was listening to #Radio2 on the was back from hospital appointment & heard a lady who is on the way to making a million ( well a good living) from her blog. Now that was something I didn’t know anyone could do. So more motivation to tidy my new blog & keep writing Not sure who … More What a revelation


Feeling jaded having been visiting parents this afternoon. Lovely to see them & just about to celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary. It is quite a journey in the car & my foot still giving me jip- so sat having a relaxing glass of wine whilst I  type away at my blog. The weather here is … More Weary

Laugh till it hurts

Originally posted on MSnubutterflies:
My day starts with getting out of bed. You say big deal right! We all start our day that way. True but let me explain why it is a big deal. I imagine someone watching me do this and vision how funny it must look. Actually they might not think it’s…

Glut of tomatoes

One thing I’ve learnt today is this green tomatoes from the garden that I was wary  off- are actually really nice. Very sweet. So that was nice treat. Second thing I’ve learnt is taking the skins of tomatoes is rather boring task & due to the quantity hubby has produced (so far) it required  sitting … More Glut of tomatoes